Investment Thesis


EO is the worlds premier network of entrepreneurs. We see huge synergies in experienced entrepreneurs helping aspiring entrepreneurs grow their businesses. While most of our investors invest for a profitable return/exit, the idea of supporting entrepreneurship is very much in keeping with EO’s larger goals as well.


Being an angel network, we would be one of the first investors in most of our portfolio companies. Most angels would prefer to invest in the seed or Pre-Series A rounds.


EO is a worldwide network and our members are spread across the globe. MyEO Angels is a virtual angel network. So we will not be specifically focusing on any particular location.

What (Sectors):

We are sector agnostic. We have members from a diverse range of sectors and each members interest might be a function of their individual sector expertise.

How much:

Our diverse network has different investors whose risk appetite, investment capacity and inclinations might be vastly different. We expect to invest between $5,000 to $5,00,000 in most startups but could extend to $1 million or more based on the stage, context and nature of the startup.